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Author: Steve Purcell, Maintainer: Ewan Mellor
Latest release: 1.0, 12th April 2005 (download)

JArgs command line option parsing suite for Java

Project summary and intent

This tiny project provides a convenient, compact, pre-packaged and comprehensively documented suite of command line option parsers for the use of Java programmers. Initially, parsing compatible with GNU-style 'getopt' is provided.

Why use JArgs rather than other similar libraries? Because it's easy to use, thoroughly tested, well documented and liberally licenced (BSD licence so no GNU messiness).

The package is small and without frills, but is functional, and contains code that has been in production use for quite some time.

Originally started by Steve Purcell, this project is now maintained by Ewan Mellor.

Project resources

Projects using JArgs

The author

I am an independent software specialist, and I focus on writing, applying and teaching OpenSource software. Despite intensive spells with C, C++ and Perl in days of yore, I currently favour Python, Ruby, Java and Erlang (in no particular order).

Feel free to send me mail via my software consulting site or directly to: stephen_purcell at yahoo dot com.

Some of my other projects (mostly using Python):

I am intermittently available for consulting and training engagements in various application areas and on various platforms; details available upon request. (IT recruiters will save time by not bothering to contact me.)

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